A day out visiting the Ngilgi Cave

The school holidays are on and my husbands family are over for a visit from Queensland. It is the first time for them visiting the south west so I wanted to show them the best of the region! With 4 kids ranging from 4 till 12 years there is a lot to do that pleases everyone.

The one thing that we all enjoyed the most was the visit to Ngilgi Cave. We had booked an 11 am Tour and even though there were a lot of people in the group the tour guide was super happy and friendly. It is a semi guided tour where they let you explore the cave by yourself.

At the start of the tour the guide explained that in the 1920’s this cave used to be very popular with newlywed couples. Back then they had to climb for 8 hours straight to the cave to get to all the corners. Can you imagine climbing for 8 hours in your suit and  dress? At the deepest point of the cave there is a place called the cupid corner. It is named not after cupid but because most of the couples would stop there and hide to have a bit of a alone time 😉

There is a tunnel/slide that kids can crawl in and out and of course being the big kid I am I tried it as well…and thankfully didn’t get stuck! My friend Lizzie told me that the record was 66 times that a child used the tunnel in one sitting. Pretty impressive. It takes you about 20 min to wander up and down all the stairs and you can take as many breaks and pictures as you want. The walking paths throughout the caves are excellent… though mind your head!


The most amazing part was the theater where they have great singers perform every year. The acoustic is amazing and I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to enjoy a concert in here.


The overall consensus was of awe and amazement from the family. They didn’t quite pack for the cooler weather, however the caves are a great indoor activity any time of year!

If you want to experience this beautiful region as well and looking for a fantastic place to stay with your family contact us at Amalfi Resort Busselton on 08 9754 3311 or send us an email on stay@amalfiresort.com.au.



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