Amelia Park Restaurant – Food heaven

Now that the school holidays are over my friend Linda and I ventured out again to try one of the newest restaurants in the region called Amelia Park Restaurant.

Last year they opened their beautiful winery which alone is already worth a visit. It is such a beautiful building and the way they set up their tasting room is simply spectacular.

download.jpg  amelia-park-wines.jpg  images.jpg

Before we go to try the amazing food of course we had to stop at the winery and try all their fantastic wines. The lovely lady behind the bar was great and talked us through all the different wines and my favourite of all time is still their Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, well worth every penny.

Once we tried all the wines on the menu it was time to go and have some food. The Restaurant is a separate building which looks just as stunning from the outside as the winery.


An automatic sliding door opens up to the restaurant and just as in the winery the view is wonderful. The restaurant was not busy mainly because it was Monday and the school holidays have just finished. We were greeted friendly by the waiter and got a nice spot near the window.

The restaurant is long and skinny with spectacular chandeliers and an open kitchen where you can watch the Chef prepare the food. There were a lot of choices on the menu and it was super hard to pick one. It took us literally 20 min to figure out what we are going to have.


After finally deciding what to eat and before the entree was served the waiter brought us some freshly baked dark bread with some homemade butter which was to die for. They could have just served me this bread for lunch and I would have been just as happy 😉

For entrees we had the onion rings as well as the smoked rainbow trout. The trout was beautifully presented and tasted delicious and was served with slightly pickled cucumbers. The onion rings were such  big portions that we could not finish them all off and believe me we both gave it a good try.

image3.jpeg     image43.jpeg

For the mains I had the pork belly and Linda went for the homemade gnocchi. This was one of the best pork bellies I’ve had a in a long time. Cooked to perfection and the crackling on top was so crispy that I had no choice but to pick it up and eat it with my fingers. YUMMMMYYYYYYY


Even though we had plans to indulge in some dessert as well we were way to full to even think about it and just had a coffee instead.

Two thumbs up for Amelia Park Restaurant. For a fine dining place it is very well priced and definitely worth a visit when you are holidaying in the region.

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