The Margaret River Agricultural Show

Last weekend was not only the best weather in a very long time but also the yearly Margaret River Agricultural Show was taking place. After living here for almost 4 years I finally managed to have a day off, so my husband and I decided to go and check it out.

I have never been to an agricultural show, but as a big farm and animal lover I knew it was going to be a great day. At the door there was a $15 entrance fee. There was so much to do and see at the show and it smelled fantastic; of all kinds of different local food mostly from local food vans.

Of course as expected there were heaps of new and old tractors and agricultural tools on display which my husband loved and I am sure all the farmers wife could have dropped off their husbands in said section 😉 We also ran into the GWN7 good night dog which was very popular with all the smaller kids.

image1.jpeg   image2.jpeg   image4.jpeg

There were lots and lots of activities for kids, like the dinosaur show, sheep shearing, camel ride and of course my favourite the petting zoo. Also the rides they had looked all super fun and were always full of kids.

image4.jpeg   image1.jpeg   image5.jpeg   image3.jpeg

I of course was the biggest kid in the petting zoo and probably had the most fun. I tried to steal the baby pig but husband made me give it back.

image3.jpeg  image13.jpeg  image2.jpeg

In the back ground you could always here different bands performing live music which gave the whole show an even greater atmosphere. After walking around for about an hour and checking out all the stalls we were heading to the part where they had the poultry and stud show. Let me tell there were some funny looking roosters and chickens 🙂

image1.jpeg       image2.jpeg

I also really enjoyed watching the sheepdogs showing off their skills and making the sheep run around the track.

Overall it was a fantastic sunny day and a really well organized event. Hands up to the all the organizers, volunteers and participants for putting on a great show. I will certainly be back next year.

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