Another year, another Schoolies week

Every year at the end of November Busselton and Dunsborough is transformed into a crazy week full of teenagers which are celebrating the end of their school years and the beginning of their adult lives. The poor kids don’t know that soon they be looking back and wishing that they could be back in school 😀

Over the years the Amalfi Resort has acquired such a fantastic reputation of keeping these youngsters well looked after and the parents trust us to take care of them for 5 days straight.


Now this was the first year of Schoolies for me and let me tell you I was really surprised, but let me start from the beginning.

The first day with 300 teenagers arriving it is a bit chaotic and after saying the same check in procedure for 45 times I was exhausted from just talking. Once all the kids have settled in they were of course testing their boundaries, but nothing slips by Cheryl no matter how sneaky or clever they might think they are!

23622101_1718680014829601_886781676967272785_n.jpg   23755019_1715963418434594_51330023268348444_n.jpg

Lucky me I had the morning shift and our lovely Kelly was staying at the Amalfi at night. We also had some extra hands with Lorraine and Dennis as well as Ash. During the day the kids were enjoying the pool and all of our other facilities or just were laying around the beach. We had some fantastic chats, games and laughs with all of them and Cheryl even got a make over.

23755183_1714737201890549_7411246504580992272_n.jpg   23755452_1718680314829571_5847827520108626120_n.jpg

Every morning the guys from “Red Frog” would come by make some pancakes and before we sent them off to the schoolie zone in Dunsborough we would put on a bit of BBQ for them which is always really popular. Let me add here that the police were coming by every night at the same time to have a feed as well ;-)#

23795810_1718678514829751_1547065175663829370_n.jpg   23658538_1715963245101278_8878498586733424288_n.jpg

After 6 very loooooooooooong days all of us were so exhausted and happy to hand the little cherubs back to their parents 😉 Congratulations to all the parents who raised such a wonderful group of humans and good luck to all you little monsters;  may all your dreams come true.

Last lets give a BIG shout out to all the organizers, police, ambulance, firies, the Margaret river region and volunteers who make this such a fantastic and safe week for everyone to enjoy.

If your kids want to come and stay with us for schoolies next year give us a ring and we are happily adding you to our  mailing list. Our number is 08 9754 3311.

Till next time.



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