Up up and away….

My husband recently turned 40 and to celebrate I surprised him with a helicopter flight over the beautiful Margaret River Region. Of course I did not tell him at all what I had planned for his special day.

I met Jackson who runs Scenic Helicopters a couple years ago when he was flying around some of the celebrity chefs for the Gourmet Escape. Ever since then I wanted to hop in a helicopter and see this wonderful region I live in from above. (Just between us, maybe it was more of present for me than for him 🙂 )

During the peak season, Scenic Helicopters operates from the Cheeky Monkey Brewery  which is conveniently located between Dunsborough and Margaret River and serves delicious beer and food. We arrived just before lunch time and of course had to have bite to eat and some of their brews. Once my husband realized what we were up to I think his heart fell into his pants because he is so scared of heights and it was a rather windy day.

IMG_0433        IMG_0422.jpg

Jackson came and met us with a big smile and before we took off he gave us a quick run through the security features and how a helicopter actually runs. Once we were all geared up and passed the checks, off we went into the air.

IMG_0434.jpg  IMG_0443.jpg IMG_0436.jpg

It was such a weird feeling to take off into the air straight instead of running down a landing strip :-). We booked the 15 scenic flight and flew from the Brewery towards the ocean. The view over all the wineries is absolutely stunning and we were almost able to see our house.

IMG_0444.jpg         IMG_0445.jpg

We flew towards the ocean and all the way down to the Margaret River Mouth. In the far distance you could see the little town of Margaret River. Our pilot was fantastic and pointed out little secret spots that even we didn’t knew about. The ocean from above looks even more intense in its beautiful colour.

IMG_0446.jpg   IMG_0449.jpg   IMG_0447.jpg

The 15 min went by way to fast but it was an once in a live time experience and can only highly recommend everyone to try it. The guys from Scenic Helicopter offer a range of different option from 10 min flight to romantic flights including a picnic by a secluded beach.
Thank you Jackson and everyone at Scenic Helicopter for a fantastic surprise we LOVED it.

If you are planning a few days away in the beautiful Margaret River Region make sure to book your stay at Amalfi Resort in Busselton and don’t forget you can always get the best price by booking directly with us.

Till my next adventure.






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